With over 20 years of activity, Luca Giglio - Founder & CEO of GIGLIOART, is a visionary business owner, passionate and expert interlocutor on the international art scene of the twentieth century, linked by solid relationships with some of the leading artists of the period.


Both his family contact with the Italian Superintendency of Fine Arts and a successful career as officer in the Italian Army have played a key role in Luca Giglio's personal training,   resulting in an the analytical rigor that finds fertile ground in the methodical collection of  modern and contemporary art.


Giglio's focus in to design an produce cultural events and institutional initiatives that bring people closer to art, resulting in an innovative and pioneering approach for this sector, ultimately partnering with the most exclusive corporate and institutional realities.


A refined and strategic selection of the artists’s works is accompanied by an active management of them through events, exhibitions and co-branding, guaranteeing a growth in value.


His exclusive and visionary professional activity is founded on a basic concept: art must be understandable to anyone who really wants to appreciate, value and appropriate it. Above this, is rigorous and financial eye on art never leaves from his mind the most important notion: art must excite.

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